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European Union Reference Laboratory for Antimicrobial and Dye Residues in Food

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The laboratory of Fougères is appointed European Union Reference Laboratory for control of residues in food according to Directive (EC) 96/23 FR/EN and for the following substances :           

  • group A6 : nitrofuranes and chloramphenicol 
  • group B1 : antimicrobials, including quinolones and sulfonamides
  • group B2f : carbadox & olaquindox
  • group B3e : dyes : malachite green, cristal violet (gentiane violet), brilliant green


EU-RL Tasks


The EU-RL Team


List of analytical instruments available at Anses-Fougères


List of analytical methods available at Anses-Fougeres for the control of antimicrobial and dye residues in food


MRLs - Link to currently set EU Maximum Residue Limits for VMP Residues in Food


Link MRLS – Link to MRL Assessment Reports